Where is a good place to buy a property in Perth?

Having reached your decision to buy an investment property or a home in Perth, which suburbs are good places to buy in Perth?

Will Perth real estate agents act in your best interest – or will they do whatever it takes to sell their listing at the highest price possible? Most buyers ultimately wonder about this question: Who will be standing in my corner? If you sign a contract that obligates you to spend (and very likely borrow) several hundred thousand dollars, you should be sure that the contract adequately protects your interests.

For more details on dual representation of the selling agent, see what Zana says on Youtube:

Some buyers still believe in the myth that it is better to work with the selling agent directly because you will get a better deal. Department of Commerce clearly states: “The selling agent is engaged by the seller and must act in the best interest of the seller, not you as the buyer.”

Depending on your position and your budget, here are some of our buyers agency recommendations for investors and homebuyers on where to buy in Perth:

  1. Investors – high rental yield seekers
  2. Investors – capital gain seekers
  3. Home buyers