Buying in WA

If you are buying a home or an investment property in Perth or Western Australia for the first time and you are not appointing a property buyers agent, you should be aware of the following:

  • The Western Australian selling agent acts as a dual agent and represents both parties to the Contract.
  • The selling agent does not have to disclose this conflict of interest to the buyer prior to or during the negotiations.
  • The signed Contract prepared by the selling agent, who is paid by the seller, is legally binding once it reaches the settlement agents.
  • There is no cooling off period in Western Australia.
  • Once the Contract has reached the settlement agent it is a done deal and thereafter it is very difficult for the buyer to change the terms and conditions.

Foreign investors

If you have no visa you are considered a foreign national. As such you are still able to purchase certain types of property in Western Australia although, in principle, you cannot buy an established property. The following types of properties are able to be purchased by foreign nationals in Western Australia:


Temporary residents

Foreign nationals residing in Western Australia on (temporary) working or student visas, are considered temporary residents and, as such, have wider choices when buying property. Temporary residents are entitled to buy an established home, although for primary residency purposes only, not as an investment.


Buying in Perth or Western Australia for the first time

In order to insure more equitable representation and more favourable outcomes for themselves, more and more Perth property buyers are appointing their own independent buyers’ advocates. Are you are considering buying property in Perth for the first time and wish to know more about origins of the current system in Western Australia?


If you are considering appointing an independent buyers agent to negotiate and write the Contract on your behalf

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